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  1. When is baium spawn?? i lost the previous thanks!!!
  2. Hello everyone!! i saw about 50% sales on gm shop and all the staff there it is really cool but i think it will be nice to put something else as i have seen in other servers like the red fabric for baium to be easier for us solo players to enter and make sub . Gm team please think it about , also you can put portal stone and vaculite for antharas and valakas for clans to make easier to enter . Thanks a lot!!!
  3. thanks a lot !!!
  4. Hello everyone!!! anybody knows when baium 's next spawn???
  5. wtb arcana mace send pm here and i will contact you thanks
  6. thanks man!!!
  7. how many hours has re spawn sub raids ??
  8. I try to find one week cabrio on to start sub please write the spawn time about non factors we just want to play....
  9. Hello everyone i want to buy major arcana boots gloves helmet if someone has for sell please send me a message here or angrykid in the game thanks!!!